TSA Agents are COWARDS, but it will only take one to be a HERO

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Several anecdotal reports around the country about the sexual assaults being openly performed around the country’s airports mention TSA agents that are apologetic and embarrassed at what they are doing.

Each of these agents is a great example of a COWARD.  He KNOWS it’s wrong, but he does it anyway.  Rather than stand up for what is right and tell off his supervisor, he performs sexual molestation.  He is too afraid at what his boss might do that he will do something that would ordinarily put him in the slammer for years.

I believe that the bulk of the TSA agents are just as disgusted with what they are doing as the public is.  For now.  But the more they do it, the more they will get used to it.  And some of them may even grow to like it.

Now for those of you going, “Yeah – these guys know it’s wrong!  Why don’t they just stop?” you need to read up on the milgram experiment.  It’s a fascinating and frightening look at just how easy it is to get any regular person to commit a heinous felony by setting up the right conditions.

(Most of) These TSA agents are only human.  They suffer from the same personally traits, the same corruptability that you and I do.  They are currently failing their milgram experiment.

But all it’s going to take is one agent to start it.  One agent somewhere in this country is going to break out of his government-induced trance, turn around and tell off his supervisors in an extremely loud voice.  His story will go viral and agents will follow him like dominoes.  The enhanced-patdown sexual assaults will be over.

And it’s our job to push that one TSA agent over the edge back to reality.  If you are faced with an enhanced pat-down to be delivered by someone who seems human, try your best to talk the agent out of it.  Ask him if he’s ever seen his supervisor perform one of these felonies.  Ask him if he feels proud of his job, that he can go back to his mother and tell her what he did today.  Ask him who he thinks he’s protecting by sexually assaulting you (or children).  Get him to think.

Did you read that link about the milgram experiment?  Go back and do it.  Whereas most subjects succumbed to authority to commit a blatant act of violence against their better judgement, almost NONE of them did so when there was another person there to back them up.

The government knows all about the milgram experiments.  They use it to their advantage.  Time to use the other part of the experiment to our advantage and take down this abomination.

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