My kids and I will skip the airport body scanner

Sun Sentinel Blog [ed: as usual, the vast majority of the comments in the original article Get It]

Despite the assurances of the authorities, I am skeptical of the new airport body scanners, which are now at Palm Beach International and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airports.

The main reason is the radiation. Although airport officials say it is minimal, I’m the type that avoids X-rays because I believe the radiation adds up in your body over your lifetime.

The fact that some anonymous person is seeing us naked is also disturbing. They say they delete the pictures after he/she views them. Seems like this would be a big mistake if one of us was later found out to be a terrorist.

At the San Francisco airport last summer, I requested a pat-down instead. It was no big deal, and I will do it again every time I approach one of the scanners, where you have to hold up your hands as if you are a criminal.

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