Woman, 82, complains over airport patdown


An 82-year-old Canadian woman has complained she was forced to show airport security staff her breast prosthesis in Calgary, Alberta.

Elizabeth Strecker was flying home to British Columbia Jan. 4, when a steel pin in her ankle set off the walk-through detector, the Calgary Herald reported.

She was diverted to the full body scanner and told to raise her arms.

Because of the mastectomy, she was unable to hold her left arm up for a patdown, she told the screeners.

“It was terribly, terribly painful and I started to cry,” she said.

A female screener said she would have to see the gel-filled prosthesis.

Strecker told the Herald she has filed a formal complaint with the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.

The authority told the newspaper several phone messages have been left at Strecker’s home, but she says she wants a formal, personal apology. [ed – apology demands are not going to stop this relentless expansion of tyranny.  There need to be big lawsuits, and lots of them.]

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