Bare-ly legal: charges against Tobey dropped

The Hook

Henrico County’s Commonwealth’s Attorney elected not to press charges against Charlottesville resident Aaron Tobey, 21, who made national news by stripping down to his shorts in the Richmond International Airport on December 30, revealing the words of the Fourth Amendment written on his bare chest in protest against controversial new TSA strip search procedures, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The act did not constitute a violation of disorderly conduct law, the Commonweath’s Attorney reportedly said January 10.

“It was ridiculous and ironic to arrest a man they wanted to strip [search] for removing his own clothes,” said Tobey’s lawyer, Steven D. Benjamin. “What he did he did not believe was a crime.”

The newspaper reported that outside the courthouse, several Aaron Tobey supporters, who organized themselves on Facebook, held signs that said “Don’t TSA me, Bro” and “Don’t Tread on Me.”

“We are not sheep. We are not subjects,” added Benjamin. “We are citizens with every right to complain in a lawful manner.”

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