Scanners at Delhi airport fail to detect explosives, guns

Hindustan Times

A high-level inspection of body scanners at the Delhi airport has thrown shocking results with the scanners failing to detect powerful explosives like RDX and PETN and other assault weapons. A joint trial of the scanners was conducted by the Intelligence Bureau, CISF and other agencies and the findings have become a cause of worry for security agencies.

“It has emerged that any type of explosive or prohibited item concealed under cast of POP (plaster) could not be detected. Further, small quantities of PEK/PETN/RDX (plastic explosives) kept concealed along the body’s contours could not be detected,” says a confidential government note, accessed by the Hindustan Times.

The trial, “to assess the versatility of the equipment to detect C4 explosives and prohibited items hidden in the casting” was held on December 22.

Scanners were installed at the Delhi airport on trial basis in May last year.

As per the report, the scanners failed to detect 100 grams of RDX hidden in socks.

It also failed to detect PEK explosive hidden inside a mobile phone kept in the pocket of the trouser.

The scanner failed to detect a 9 mm pistol hidden under a plaster, PEK explosive hidden around the arm under a plaster. The trial team has in fact stated that the “machine cannot penetrate the POP (plaster).”

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