Security Protest Planned At OIA

WESH Orlando

The protest is expected to begin at about 4 p.m. at OIA’s ticketing area.

Organizers of the protest said they’re also against the use of new pat-down techniques that they believe invade the privacy of passengers. Those against the scanners call them an electronic strip search.

TSA officials said the images taken during body scan checks are kept private. Some worry the images will have a similar fate to hundreds of photos now on the Internet that were taken at the federal courthouse in Orlando, which uses similar body scan machines. The photos were released through the Freedom of Information Act.

OIA will became the 67th airport in the nation to use full-body scanners.

The Kissimmee-based American Association for Nude Recreation said that full-body scanners at airports all over the country, and at Orlando International Airport, make good sense.

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