Body scanners installed at Dayton International Airport

Business Courier

Some travelers at Dayton International Airport are now being asked to go through full-body scanning machines, as the local airport has joined dozens of others across the country to use the controversial security equipment.

On Tuesday morning, the Transportation Security Administration unveiled two new machines — advanced imaging technology units — in Dayton. A third body scanner will be installed by the end of the year. Dayton has been a popular option for travelers seeking to avoid historically high air fare at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. The airport is located just 50 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Use of the body scanners and the new pat-down protocol have been the subject of intense debate across the nation.

TSA plans to deploy 450 machines at airports nationwide in 2010. Currently, 420 advanced imaging technology units are operating at 70 airports.

The units at Dayton were purchased with stimulus funds.

Linda Hughes, a spokesperson for the Dayton airport, said things are going smoothly with using the machines this morning and airport officials don’t anticipate any problems.

Amid the continuing debate about new airport security measures and personal privacy, the chief of the Transportation Security Administration is telling passengers the procedures are a necessary measure to keep threats at bay. [ed – of course he’s saying that.  But they weren’t necessary on Nov 24 when they shut most of them off for opt-out day.]

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