TSA pat-down of baby twins unnessary

Sun Sentinel (Florida)

My daughter and her 8-month-old twins were put through a TSA search at LaGuardia Airport. She was compelled to have her twins separated from each other, forced to stretch their little arms out, lean forward in their carriages and were patted down by a 6-foot-2-inch, intimidating man. I don’t know whether we are all safer because the infants were searched, but I suspect not.

What could the TSA have been doing more productively for the three or four minutes it took to search babies? Not really sure, but I think they might have been looking for passengers who acted suspiciously or carried passports from the Middle East or just looked uncomfortable being there. Maybe that would save a life if those procedures were in place instead of searching babies. I don’t know who John Pistole, the TSA chief, is or his background in security, but, Mr. Pistole, give me a break.

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