UK airport liquid ban to be phased out from April


Air passengers will be able to carry liquids in their hand luggage again after the Government announced it would phaseout the ban by 2013. [ed – 2013?  Why the wait?  Maybe because by then EVERYONE will have to be irradiated and retina-scanned before they can get on a plane, so these ridiculous precautions will be redundant]

The ban on liquids in hand luggage will begin to be phased out from April, the Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond confirmed.

The change comes after protests from passengers over excessive checks which prevent even tiny bottles of water, cosmetics and perfume being carried through security screening points into airport departure lounges.

Even baby food cannot be carried on board unless it is tested in front of security staff.

Mr Hammond said he wanted to make the system more flexible. “I have seen mother’s tasting (baby food) and doesn’t it taste foul? The good news is that by 2013 the ban on mush will have ended.”

The ban on liquids was introduced by the European Union in 2006 after a failed plot to blow up transatlantic airliners with liquids explosives disguised as soft drinks.

But the EU announced earlier this year that the ban could be lifted in 2013 after the development of technology to detect explosives in liquids.

Some passengers will still be required to remove their footwear.

Individual airport operators will propose their own security plans which will then be approved by Mr Hammond provided they meet overall standards.

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