Ed Schultz: Go Ahead and Feel Me Up

Prison Planet

The feds have a lot riding on their naked body scanners and molestation pat downs. Airports are now virtual Gestapo zones not because Muslims in distant caves are a threat, but because the government has kicked into overdrive its effort to get you acclimated to the police state. It is no mistake all of this is happening during the holiday season as millions of Americans travel to visit family and friends.

Part of the effort is a corporate media propaganda campaign to downplay the dangers of naked body scanners and dismiss the outrage of folks who don’t take kindly to strangers groping their privates in public.

Ed Schultz, the bolivating “progressive” on MSNBC, has told his small audience of watchers that he will let the TSA sexually molest him if the act prevents al-CIA-duh from blowing up planes and changing the laws of physics. He claims to believe “our counter-terrorism experts” who insist we must submit to government workers in blue latex gloves (with who knows what transmittable disease) or short of that allow the government to zap us with radiation.

Ed the corporate media teleprompter reading snake oil salesman needs to know that it’s too late – that cat’s out of the bag and millions of Americans have decided not to submit to the TSA’s grotesque charade of submission and humiliation.

I am not opposed to the government feeling up Ed Schultz, if that’s indeed what he wants. The TSA and the government need to leave the rest of us alone, unmolested, and free to conduct our business and engage in the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by the founders.

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