Full-Body Scanner Protest is a Bust


[ed – wow, this op-ed is the antithesis of our site.  Unbelievable – is this guy a useful idiot, or is he being paid to try to convince the masses that these sexual assaults and body scans are great?]

The opponents of full-body scans tried to ramp up the fight. They picked Thanksgiving to encourage mass protests against what they see as invasive security measures at airports.

These self-appointed defenders of our civil rights urged travelers to refuse scans, and demand the pat-down instead. The idea was to slow down the security screening process to the point that huge delays would result.

As 80% support scanning, it seems that a small minority feel they have the right to inflict their views on everyone else. These yahoos lost sight of the fact that they would also be caught in this mess, and you can bet that they would have been the first to complain if inconvenienced. [ed – we’ve discussed how this poll is completely flawed before.  And the odds that a true patriot would complain about a protest for their civil rights are zero.]

As it turned out, they needn’t have worried. The whole protest fizzled out, and caused no real inconvenience to anyone (except for those forced to endure the sight of some idiot in a Speedo). The only thing the organizers of this non-event proved, was that the vast majority of Americans are smarter and more sensible than they are, and don’t support this sort of irresponsible behavior. [ed – of course the reason the protest fizzled is because the TSA turned off most/all of the scanners to diffuse it]

There are valid reasons to object to these scanners, but crippling the nation’s airports is hardly the way to voice these objections. Anyone who feels somehow violated by this sort of invasive screening should find a more civilized form of protest. Why do they feel that they have the right to ruin Thanksgiving plans for thousands of others, just because their own noses are out of joint? [ed – so what is the best way to voice your objection?  With this government, the only thing that works is pain and inconvenience.]

What is it that people find so objectionable about these scans and pat-downs? The only real threat posed by full-body scanners is possible health problems due to radiation levels, yet few see this as their main concern. The real issue, for most, seems rooted in modesty. These models of chastity call the pat-downs sexual assault, and the scans pornography. They express the fear that these images will be viewed as erotic entertainment by the security people, or even show up on xxx web sites. [ed – no, there are hundreds of other objections.  This individual hasn’t had his young rape-victim daughter set off a metal detector, or had to watch his grandmother with a hip replacement get felt up by a stranger.   There is no documented case of someone enjoying the pat-down or even thinking it was a good idea after they experienced it.]

Why do we insist on seeing all of this in terms of sex? Anyone who has actually seen these scans, knows there is nothing even vaguely erotic about them, and the people doing the pat-downs undoubtedly enjoy them even less than those on the receiving end. [ed – so it would be OK for anyone to grope this guy’s wife as long as they weren’t thinking about sex?  I’m sure his wife would be OK with that.]

This type of security is nothing new in other parts of the world. In Manila, for instance, you can expect to pass through metal detectors, get a friendly little pat-down and have your bags searched every time you enter the mall, or go to Starbucks for your morning latte. No one seems to feel sexually violated. Are we, as a nation, really so sensitive, or are we all vain enough to believe that our nether-regions are so special that everyone else can’t wait to see and grope them? [ed – we are not other parts of the world.  We are supposed to be the Land of the Free with protections against intrusive government.  Why don’t you compare these procedures to WWII Germany and excuse them?  And how do you know that they don’t feel violated in Manila?  How many people have you talked to that have experienced such a violation there?]

Is it possible that all this fuss has more to do with sexual inhibitions than civil liberties? We better grow up and get over it, as security will only increase in response to ever more advanced terrorist threats. It’s time we blamed those causing the problem, rather than those responding to it. [ed – no, it is not possible that all this fuss has more to do with sexual inhibitions that civil liberties.  And those causing the problem are all part of the federal government.  If you really do your research you will find that every terrorist event in the US has fallen into 2 categories:  either the federal government had plenty of information beforehand to stop the event, or the federal government was INVOLVED in inspiring the event in the first place.]

Security, in the future will only become more invasive. Despite all the protest, it is inevitable. Cavity searches could well be on the horizon. Think it can’t happen? Enjoy your flight!  [ed. – I do not appreciate you surrendering my rights on my behalf.  This is the defining battle for the direction of America.  If it gets to the point of body cavity searches, America is indeed dead, and hopefully you and your family will enjoy living in the tyrannical world you helped create.]

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