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TSA Tyranny: ACLU Receives Over 900 Complaints In One Month

November 26, 2010

The American Civil Liberties Union has received a huge wave of complaints within the last month following the TSA security crack down at airports, contradicting the establishment media spin that naked body scanners and invasive pat-downs are being meekly accepted by a compliant public.

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Alternative to airport strip search

November 26, 2010

However, my solution to this problem is more holistic (and would likely be less costly to all). It is to train dogs who are most excellent in sniffing out drugs and explosives. Let’s put our best friends to work in a most humane way — they can be “airport mascots,” loved by employees and passengers alike.

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Woman wears bikini to avoid airport pat-down

November 26, 2010

9MSN A woman has managed to avoid an uncomfortable airport security pat-down in the US by wearing a bikini. Corinne Theile unbuttoned her overcoat to reveal the black two-piece before proceeding to her gate at LAX airport in Los Angeles. New regulations in the US require aeroplane passengers to either enter a scanner that sees […]

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Follow the Money

November 26, 2010

With all the commotion over the invasive full body scanners used in airports by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), one important question has been ignored – who is who is getting rich from the TSA scanners?

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Innocent American citizens body scanned and groped while mass murdering President isn’t

November 26, 2010

Even if you can’t see the obvious– that the body scanners are a way to train the modernized world to submit to big government and for Michael Chertoff to make a profit– then settle on this simpler reality– that the body scanners are a lazy, police state reaction to the hornet nests that the military industrial complex, which all modern presidents have represented, kicked over in their pursuit of profit and personal power.

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