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TSA Gone Wild: Airport Thugs Are Out Of Control

November 9, 2010

If Americans continue to blithely accept their abuse at the hands of TSA thugs, it sends a clear message to the authorities that they are quite prepared to suffer any indignity whatsoever, which will inevitably lead to a feeding frenzy unless Americans begin to stand up for themselves against airport oppression in greater numbers.

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Pilot Rebellion: Pilots Refusing to Use Full Body Scanners or Submit to Patdown

November 9, 2010

Two of the largest pilots’ unions in the nation are urging commercial pilots to rebel against current airport screening rules. Some pilots have said they felt so violated after a patdown, they were unfit to fly.

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TSA Responds To Airport Molestation Complaints

November 9, 2010

The TSA has reacted to the burgeoning backlash against airport oppression with a glib response that does nothing to address the multitude of complaints put forward by some of the most prominent travel and pilots associations in the world.

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Flier Patience Wears Thin at Checkpoints

November 9, 2010

“Discouraging travelers with queues into the parking lot is not a solution,” Mr. Bisignani said in his speech. “And it is not acceptable to treat passengers as terrorists until they prove themselves innocent.”

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