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Airport `Naked Image’ Scanners May Get Privacy Upgrades

September 7, 2010

Every passenger will generate an avatar that “looks like a guy wearing a baseball cap,” [but the machines will still save the naked body images]

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Are Scanners Worth the Risk?

September 7, 2010

Now that there are nearly 200 body scanning machines in about 50 domestic airports, with 800 more on the way, passengers are facing real-life decisions about what to do. Here’s some information to help you choose.

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TSA Lies Like a Rug

September 7, 2010

Oh, if only the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) were a lowly serf lying to the Feds rather than to taxpayers forced to fund its assaults on them: given all the whoppers it’s told, a judge would imprison it for so many centuries it could never molest any of us again.

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