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Regina Airport Authority unveils full body scanner

August 31, 2010

On Tuesday, the Regina Airport Authority unveiled its full body scanner (FBS), which will work alongside the airport’s array of security devices.

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You’re nothing but a chalky alien to TSA scanners

August 31, 2010

By the end of this year, full-body scanning machines should be the primary way that Transportation Security Administration officers scan passengers at Lindbergh Field, according to San Diego TSA director Michael Aguilar.

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Government is Invading Our Privacy

August 27, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration wants to see you naked. Other government agencies are jealous of the TSA and want to see you naked too—and track your every movement by GPS. And anticipate your “criminal behavior” with computers.

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Van-Mounted Body Scanners – Legal or Not, They’re Here

August 27, 2010

Full-body scanners are no longer limited to airport terminals or other buildings. Van-mounted body scanners are available for sale to US law enforcement agencies thanks to companies like American Science & Engineering of Billerica, MA.

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Time to say bon voyage to gov’t voyeurs

August 26, 2010

“I’ve got nothing to hide.” When the American ideal of individual liberty is laid to rest in the graveyard of the Nanny State, that phrase should be on the tombstone. It’s the refrain of every self-deluded citizen who abandons freedom in pursuit of security.

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Chaffetz: Mobile scanners invade privacy

August 26, 2010

“Americans have a reasonable expectation for a degree of privacy,” he said. “I can’t imagine that that is legal and lawful. If (it is), then we’re going to have to change the law.”

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Skeletal Scans Explored For Crime Fighting

August 26, 2010

Add biometrics of people’s bone structures to the list of methods considered for identifying terrorists, criminals, or trusted individuals.

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